Self-service payment solutions from NPS

At NPS we put our expertise at your disposal, when we are creating a self-service payment solution together for your gas station or car wash. We focus on creating self-service payment solutions with a user interface so simple that the customers do not even consider the fact that they just completed the transaction for themselves. Self-service on an unmanned payment solution releases resources for other tasks and services and opens the possibility of staying open 24/7, so the customers never drive to your gas station or car wash in vain.
A self-service payment solution must also create a safe experience for all parties involved, so naturally all our payment terminals are PCI compliant and meet the criteria for EMV and MDI.
The customer situation is different in the private and the public space, so take a look at our examples to get an idea about how a self-service payment solution could look in your business.

Service stations

NPS cases UnoX tankstationer
We deliver payment and registration solutions for petrol stations and fuel sites of all sizes. Our references include more than 3,500 installations in…

Car wash

NPS vægmonteret dankort-terminal til bilvask
We develop self-service payment terminals for car wash, making it hassle free for both staff and customers to operate car wash tunnels, do-it-yourself…

Gas dispensers

NPS PaySys-terminal til HMN
NPS’ deliveries for fuel stations with biogas and natural gas include CNG dispensers, payment and card terminals as well as back office systems.…

Bus and truck sites

NPS delivers complete fuel solutions for both closed and open bus garages and truck sites: Dispensers, payment terminals and registration systems with…


NPS betalingsterminal hårdfør
NPS creates modern fuel sites in marinas with everything you need: Our deliveries for unmanned fuel sites in marinas include fuel pumps, card terminal…