In the event you have a defective unit that needs to be repaired, please fill out the RMA form below – one for each unit that you need to send us.

Please fill out fields marked with * to ensure fast order processing

Invoice address

Enter invoice email address, and possibly requisition number


Contact person

Enter name, telephone number and e-mail.


Return address

Enter return address if different from invoice address.



Enter product serial number and type


Parent product

Enter the parent product name/type and optionally the serial number. The parent product could be the payment terminal, which the product is part of



Inform where the product is installed / placed


Error description

Enter detailed description of the issue.




If the product has a guarantee, please type the 6-digit invoice number beginning with 10 or 11 in the corresponding field.


Send estimated price before repair?

By checking this box and requesting offer before repair, you agree that you have read and understood our standard terms and conditions.


Terms and conditions for repairs

Read our standard service conditions


Our service department will return the form with a unique RMA number.
Then print the returned RMA form and send it with the defective unit to the following address:

Att.: Servicecenter
Landbrugsvej 6
DK-5260 Odense S