The WebWash software is a licensed, web-based program, hosted by NPS and available online. WebWash communicates with the payment terminals through the internet.

In the daily running of a businness, Web Wash offers the possibility to control prices, manage customers / companies, view and print transactions and get an overview of the system status through alarms and events. Moreover, WebWash generates a number of reports, when you should want them.

WebWash includes an alarm module with all the alarms from linked equipment, e.g.:

– The payment terminal, i.e. printer, card reader, PIN-pad, cash acceptor, unauthorised opening of the terminal etc.

– 16  external alarms for emergency stop, low level of chemicals in tank, error on air compressor, etc.

WebWash contains a register, where all relevant e-mail adresses are stored for the purpose of sending reports, alarms, etc.

WebWash can manage customer clubs on the terminal (optional), where subscribers and refills are chosen.

WebWash includes Codewash, which is a piece of software that easily and effectively generates wash codes and refills for wash keys.

WebWash allows you to combine searches in the program database in various ways, which ensures a user friendly way to locate, view and print information about customers / transactions, alarms, etc.

In total, WebWash is a powerful tool for managing multiple terminals and wash tunnels, customers, cards, etc. The use of WebWash is charged through an annual license depending on functionality and volume.