LocSys 5015

LocSys 5015

NPS betalingsterminal LocSys 5015The LocSys5015 terminal is an advanced terminal to be used at both fuel sites and car washes, where identification and data collection is necessary.

Fuel sites:

  • Controls up to 12 pumps and 2 products
  • 6.4” touchscreen
  • Online and offline authorisation of local cards
  • Supports local cards, vehicle number, driver name and PIN codes
  • Supports level measuring systems, price signs and external alarms

LocSys 5015 has interfaces to all popular pumps in the market (Tatsuno/Tokheim/ Ljungman/Kienzle/Autotank /TES etc.).

Car wash:

  • Controls one car wash tunnel or up to 12 DIY wash cabins
  • 6.4” touchscreen
  • The terminal communicates using CodeWash, which allows you to generate wash codes and refilling keys easily and efficiently
  • Supports customer wash clubs
  • Supports 4 relaysof your choice during the wash cycle, e.g. controlling the brushes, disabling certain parts of the program, etc.

LocSys5015 has interfaces to all popular wash machines in the market.



  • Choice of language in the menu: Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, French and English
  • Transfers data to WebFuel / WebWash via the internet connection (LAN or WLAN via TCP/IP) or in combination with NetFuel Server via GPRS or network (LAN or WLAN via TCP/IP)
  • Identifies the user with a Dallas key, chip card, magnetic stripe or RFID tags
  • The terminal is delivered in a stainless steel cabinet with or without the stand