Car wash

Car wash

We develop self-service payment terminals for car wash, making it hassle free for both staff and customers to operate car wash tunnels, do-it-yourself car wash sites and truck wash.
To meet the expectations of fast-moving society, our payment terminals for car wash accept payment with contactless and chip credit cards, debit cards and smartphones, e.g. with Apple Pay and Google Pay. In addition to those popular payment methods, our payment terminals allow access to car wash with customer schemes, codes, keys, number plate recognition (ANPR) and more.

The payment terminals for car wash are developed in cooperation with the large manufacturers of car wash systems such as Wennström and Istobal and have proved reliable for many years. Delivering outdoor payment terminals for car wash in the vast Nordics requires high standards.

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Remote car wash management

From our headquarters in Odense, Denmark, where all the payment terminals are manufactured, we have developed a number of back-office systems for car wash, which include accounting, customer schemes and surveillance. To give managers full freedom, the back-office systems run in the cloud with a live internet connection to all payment terminals on one or more car wash sites. This way, support staff will be able to help customers regardless of their physical location. Opening hours on a true self-service car wash do not have to be limited to staff availability, putting your car wash services at your customers’ disposal whenever they are interested!

Local car wash

In addition to our advanced payment terminals, for car wash on local sites we have a series of registration terminals, which provide secure payment methods with local cards, iKeys e.g. for drivers and employees.

Learn more about our registration and payment terminal for private garages and local car wash sites here