Bus and truck sites

Bus and truck sites

NPS delivers complete fuel solutions for both closed and open bus garages and truck sites:
Dispensers, payment terminals and registration systems with backend plus surveillance and service.

Terminals for private and public fuel sites

In bus garages and truck sites many users will be fueling evenings and nights. Hence, there’s a focus on high dependability, og NPS’ product series, including the popular LocSys 2015 and LocSys 5015, can deliver that. Both types of terminals are robust registration and payment terminals developed and manufactured at our headquarters in Odense.

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or call Michael Storm at +45-27 15 70 30 to learn more about our complete fuel solution for garages / truck sites.

For bus garages and truck sites open to the public and where payment is made at the pump, the terminals accept international debit and credit cards and local loyalty cards.

In private fuel sites the purpose is rarely to charge payment when fueling, but in those cases a terminal from NPS can secure the access to the private bus garage or truck site. Access to the pump could be granted through drivers’ cards, PIN, dallas key or similar.
Every drop of petrol counts when it comes to running a business, so NPS terminals allows you to register the following:

  • Vehicle number
  • Vehicle’s mileage
  • Amount of fuel pumped

This provides a valuable status on the amount of liters pumped and can reveal a possible bad fuel economy for specific trucks and busses. We can also chose to register other products like AdBlue, motor oil and washer fluid.

The registration and payment terminals are also suited for wash tunnels.

Write us
or call Michael Storm at +45-27 15 70 30 to learn more about our payment solutions for fuel sites of any size.

Back-office system

The information is collected in an NPS developed back-office system, which generates reports, automatic exports, CSV files and similar.

Dispensers for fuel sites globally

We also deliver the dispensers for the complete fuel site and have long experience with pumps and other technical equipment for open and closed fuel sites.

Our preferred AdBlue and Highspeed pumps are developed and manufactured by Tatsuno in the Czech Republic.
The CNG dispenser for the increasingly popular gas driven busses and trucks come from our department in Sweden.

Monitoring and service

From our surveillance central in Odense we can offer to keep an eye on your operations, i.e. that your terminals are running, and when to purchase more fuel. Our service minded team will also make sure to order fuel from your supplier, so you do not have to worry about that part of operations.
Will somebody need to take a closer look at your bus garage or truck site, we can send an experienced technician. Obviously, we know our own payment terminals and have for many years installed and provided service on complete fuel sites with pumps from Tatsuno or our own CNG dispensers.