About us

About us

NPS A/S was founded in 1977 under the name City Elteknik by Mr. Erling Møller as a traditional electrical installer. Early on the company focused on oil and gas companies like BP, Gulf and Chevron and the main expertise was installation and service of foreground services like pumps, note acceptors and payment terminals.

The company grew and in 1993 the development department was established based on customer requests. Focus was then service, products and solutions for the oil and gas companies, which turned out to be a great success.

In 2006 the Danish electrical company acquires the Swedish NPS Service AB in Gothenburg. NPS Service AB is now a subsidiary to NPS A/S with strong links to the main company. NPS Service focusses only on oil and gas companies in Sweden and covers the country with service departments and trusted service partners across Sweden.

In order to gather the Nordic companies under one name, which would carry more meaning, in 2010 City Elteknik changed its name to NPS A/S, Nordic Petrol Systems.

Today NPS is a healthy high-tech company, which constantly moves to position ourselves internationally, and still focus on developing products and solutions to the oil and gas industry. We develop, manufacture, sell and service payment systems to fuel sites in the Nordics and Middle European markets. Apart from that, we deliver overall service to the foregrounds and supply customers with PCI compliant payment systems for the Danish, Norwegian and Swedish markets. We are currently working on solutions for other European markets too.
The NPS headquarters are in Odense, Denmark, where both development, production, service and administration takes place under the same roof, which enables efficient and productive procedures. Today we employ more than 50 skilled employees in a fine balance between experienced technicians and dynamic developers.

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